– Frequently Asked Questions –

Tour Questions

What wineries do you visit?

We work with the following wineries for our standard tours:

Clos de chacras
Bodegas y cavas de weinert
Carmelo Patti
Nieto Senetiner

For our standard tours we pick the wineries and they are subject to change as they depend on the date, group size and availability.  They are also subject to last minute changes according to the physical capabilities of the group.

Where do we have lunch?

Depending on group size and availability, lunch is provided at one of the following wineries:

Nieto Senetiner
Clos de Chacras

NB: Options are always subject to change

Why do you recommend doing a bike tour in Chacras de Coria (and not in Maipú)?

Chacras de Coria is a beautiful little town 20 minutes south of Mendoza with brand new cycle lanes and stunning views of the Andes.  It is a mix of residential properties and wineries so considered a safe area. We have never had any issues with security since Martin’s bikes was founded in 2012.  Maipu, on the other hand, has a bad crime record and the environment is not as esthetically pleasing.

What languages do your guides speak?

Martin and Federico speak fluent Spanish, English and Italian.  Julie-Anne speaks fluent Spanish, French and English.

Is lunch included in all the tours?

Lunch is not included in the half-day tour.

Is it possible to have a vegeterian, vegan, gluten free … lunch?

We cater for all dietary requirements with advance notice.

I’m not an experienced cyclist.  Can I do the tours?

Our standard tours are designed for cyclists of all fitness levels and capabilities.  In our standard tours we cover between 15 and 23 kms on a mix of cycle lanes, gravel lanes and main roads.  There are no steep uphills or downhills.

Guests are expected to know how to ride a bicycle and feel confident enough to share the main road with traffic.

Will the tour be cancelled in case of rain?

We always play by ear on the morning of the tour.  There is the option to suspend the tour or proceed by car if the weather is very bad.

What happens when a tyre gets punctured? Do you have an assistance vehicle?

All of our guides are able to provide mechanical assistance.

Are we insured when doing a tour with Martin’s Bikes?

In addition to your own personal medical insurance, we offer a special risk insurance.

Do you offer vehicle support?

We always have a vehicle on hold to provide support whenever required.  For larger groups we have a vehicle following the group.

How do we carry the wine?

Do not worry – you can buy as much wine as you want.  If we cannot carry it with us, we can pick it up after the tour.

What gear do your recommend?

Closed shoes, a small rucksack, rain jacket, sunglasses, sunscreen.  Gloves and coat for winter.

Bicycle Questions

Do you have rental bicycles?

We work with very high-end bicycles therefore we only offer guided tours.

Do we get a helmet?

Your safety is our priority.  Helmets are obligatory and provided by us.

I’m very tall/small. Do you have a bicycle for me?

We have bicycles that cater for all shapes and sizes.

Do you have bicycles and helmets for kids?

We have a minimum age of 16 for our tours.

Do you have a baby/kids seat?

Regretfully, we do not accommodate children on our tours.

Payment Questions

Do I have to pay a deposit?

As we are a small company we do not work with credit cards or deposits.  We work on a trust basis and request that you provide at least 24 hours notice of cancellation. 

Do you accept payment in dollars or in Argentinian pesos?

We accept both Argentinian pesos and US Dollars.

NB: if you wish to pay in dollars, please note that we only accept “clean dollars.”  What we mean to say are dollars without stains, stamps, writing or rips.  We do not wish to be difficult but the exchange house (casa de cambio) will not accept them which means they have no value for us here in Argentina. 

Can I also pay with credit card?

We do not have credit card facilities.  We accept cash on the day in dollars or pesos. If cash is an issue we can accept an international transfer via ‘TransferWise’ (a free transfer on receipt of our invitation) the day before the tour. (Cheaper and better rate than with a credit card). It is important that payment is made in full by the end of the tour.  This is something to bear in mind if you wish to pay by Transferwise.

Is it possible to pay via PayPal?

No – but we work with Transferwise – a free international bank transfer service  on receipt of our invitation. NB: This option is only available prior to the day of the tour.

Will I receive a refund if I have to cancel?

We will take 10% of the cost of the tour for last minute cancellations plus any bank transfer costs (assuming you have paid in advance via TransferWise)

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